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Cowboys Wrapping Up Quirky Month Of Scheduling - Yahoo Sports

Some people don't like it. Some people like it. Some people think it's not healthy. Some people say it's good for TV. Whatever it is, it's interesting to me and it's fun for me to have to adjust to that.'' To review, the Cowboys flew to London Nov. 3, the day after losing at home to Arizona so they could shake off the jet lag and try to keep the schedule as normal as possible. View gallery Dallas Cowboys running back Lance Dunbar (25) is stopped on a run by Philadelphia Eagles' Fletch After beating the Jaguars, read they took a couple of days off, then had a pair of light practices before taking their bye weekend off.
News source: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/cowboys-wrapping-quirky-month-scheduling-014243469--nfl.html

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