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No Excuses For This Germantown Mom -- Gazette.net

She wanted to help people who actually want to work out. Kang used her newfound fame to launch a website that is used to connect moms who have similar goals. Barker-Connelly formed a Montgomery County group mostly made up of Gaithersburg and Germantown women last spring. Though it lost momentum because some of the women in the group became pregnant, it has picked up substantially in the last few months. Theres a website, noexcusemoms.com, where you can find groups in your local area, Barker-Connelly said, adding that her workout group also used social media to keep in touch. We have a Facebook group where everyone can motivate each other, give ideas and talk about when to meet up. From the Facebook group, which has more than 100 members, some of the moms branched off with women they met through the site with whom they have more in common. There now is a separate walking group and some use the site to find moms with children in a similar age group as their own Max Workouts 90 day fitness program pdf free for play dates during workouts. Ive been part of mommy workout groups, but they were expensive, Barker-Connelly said. Barker-Connelly explained that the group meets twice a week in the morning and twice a week at night in order to accommodate the schedules of both working and stay-at-home moms. Their workout consists of muscle strengthening and cardio, often based solely on what equipment can be found in a playground.
Full story: http://www.gazette.net/article/20141202/NEWS/141209860/1007&source=RSS&template=gazette

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