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Rodriguez Participates In Yankees First Full-squad Workout - Heraldstandard.com: Headlines Ap

Rodriguez participates in Yankees first full-squad workout That's just part of being a fan," Girardi said. "I've said to him that he needs to worry about pleasing himself in a sense, and pleasing his teammates and taking care of his job, and not worrying about the reaction he's going to get," the manager added. "I'm sure there will be boos. But it reviews of Max Workouts won't be the first time. He's had to deal with it, and he's been able to shut it out. The important thing is his focus is on the field and in the clubhouse." Teammates were supportive, too. First baseman Mark Teixeira, whose spring training locker in the same corner Max Workouts review of the clubhouse as A-Rod's, said he is excited about his friend's return and that Rodriguez is "going to do everything possible to get himself back to being a productive player." "I spoke to Alex, when I saw him a couple of weeks ago, it was kind of like nothing ever happened. Alex, he loves the game, he wants to play and be a great teammate," Teixeira said. "I told him, as long as you're a great teammate, we're going to love you.
News source: http://www.heraldstandard.com/headlines_ap/rodriguez-participates-in-yankees-first-full-squad-workout/article_3943c454-b685-518f-a7c1-9472b5e92b5e.html

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